Creating your Own Wedding Vows

It’s time to declare your wedding vows. There you stand in front of everyone, looking into the eyes of your beloved. Your heart is full of joy at this powerful moment. You take a deep breath, open your mouth to speak, and say…
…um, what exactly do you say?

There is an abundance of options to choose from when deciding on your wedding vows. Vows can be the foundation of your marriage and guideposts for your lives. Take your time in choosing your vows so that they are sincere and personal, so they help you stay the course, and so they reflect your vision of the spouse you aspire to be.

You can start formulating vows that reflect your unique love by answering these questions:

The beginning
Start your vows by answering these questions: What do you love about your partner? How has s/he impacted your life? How can you honor the beauty of your history together?

The promises
What will you promise your beloved (and yourself) so that your marriage will stay happy and strong? What can you promise so that you will be the best spouse you aspire to be? What do you need to promise to yourself so that you feel secure, honored and treasured in your marriage?

The future
What are your intentions for your future together? What feels wonderful about a future with your beloved? What do you aspire to in your marriage? What are your hopes?

Choose vows that will relieve your fears and enhance your strengths as a couple.

There is nothing as tender as the couple who looks deeply into each other’s eyes as they sincerely offer vows from their hearts. That being said, choose vows you can extend truthfully from your hearts. Don’t agree to state vows that are meaningful to your beloved but not comfortable for you. This is the start of your marriage and partnership. Be patient with each other and find the words that convey the highest truth and vision for each other, and for your marriage, through the years to come.

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